Online Advertising Rant

We all no what Pop-ups are and how annoying they can be but there is another area of avertissements which are invading are lives. While most people think of the standard popups when they are surfing online, there is another, evan more annoying type of pop-up starting to take hold TV Pop-Ups. (Fig 1) It was just the outer night, I was, looking to … Continue reading

Eric Elms “The Golden Mistake”

  Eric Elms has always been a creative designer and graphic artist, and one of the simple blog posts he did this summer is very clever. Elms calls it “The Golden Mistake,” solid gold  and Z keys. Keyboard grill. Works like the original keys, just more gold to it.

As the BBC put it ‘Posh Graffiti’ … lol

Streets in Bristol are being covered in graffiti as part of what is being claimed to be Europe’s biggest street art project. A bank, a former magistrates court, even the back of a police station are being covered in graffiti and it is all legal. see the interview at

Incredible pop-out painter

I absolutely love the creative thinking behind 23-year-old artist Alexa Meade from Washington DC She creates her unique work  by painting a portrait of the models on top of them selves into a background and then capturing pictures transforming what is a 3-D piece of art in to a two-dimensional photograph making the work almost dissolve in … Continue reading

A Clothespin in Belgium

Built for the Festival of the Five Seasons in Chaudfontaine Park, which lies on the outskirts of Liege, Belgium this giant clothespin sculpture appears to be holding onto a dirt mound underneath grass, generated a bit of attention across the web. It was made for the Festival of the Five Seasons. Designed by Turkish artist, … Continue reading


Winners at this years Little Chip Digital Awards and YCN for there “20 Years Of Sonic” advert. Are final year Graphic Design students at The University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) The judges said The winning entry here combined a great idea with dazzling execution. The result wowed the judges who praised its professionalism and predicted … Continue reading