Online Advertising Rant

We all no what Pop-ups are and how annoying they can be but there is another area of avertissements which are invading are lives. While most people think of the standard popups when they are surfing online, there is another, evan more annoying type of pop-up starting to take hold TV Pop-Ups.

(Fig 1)

It was just the outer night, I was, looking to watch the film trailer for Man on a ledge on youtube and just a few moments before the trailer evan started i had a box pop up to cover the entier screen (Fig 1) it started playing a different film trailer they must of thought i clicked on the wrong link or something and what i really wanted to watch was The Bourne legacy and not Man on a ledge. i really dont see what the point could be in this! I could not close the trailer. i had to wait for a set amount of time. then i could actually watch what i wanted.

(Fig 2)

Also i like to watch a lot of online tv and i have started to notice the outer day. While I was watching Dexter the it was just before and after EVERY commercial break I would hear a voice and a little banner would suddenly cover the lower corner of the screen. On that banner it is Dexter. (Fig 2) Asking me to make sure i watch the next episode. What is the point really. Four starters i am already a fan of Fan of Dexter and will watch the next episode regardless.But now it is more than likely i will have to watch this episode again. To find out the dialog or i there is any important information, i have missed dew its ridiculous self promotion during the show.

(Fig 3)

And now they are getting more devious im pretty sure every one has come across these annoying adverts at the side of the webpage when you are surfing the internet just the outer day i visited Amazon to buy a replacement battery for my laptop. (Fig 3)

(Fig 4)

And within minutes of completing the order i continued to surf the internet and noticed adverts popping up for laptop batteries (Fig 4) on nearly all the other websites i visited this keeps happens all the time and is really starting to grinds my gears no matter what it is i im getting adverts for the products i have be browsing on the internet Christmass has just gon and like moste i wanted to avoid the shops and get a good deal and beat the crowds of busy Christmas shoppers by buying gifts online for family but doing this got me loads of unwanted and unnecessary adverts for computer games dvds and perfume and no it didn’t stop there.

(fig 5)

And now i am reviving discount vouchers (fig 5) through the post and countless emails offering me discount at there storse and i have no interest in shopping at until maybe next Christmas. i really dont mind when I buy things from Amazon,

(fig 6)

my purchase are there every time I re-visit there website. (fig 6) That seems like fair use to me. but my main concern is that my purchases on Amazon become generally available to other sources. If the company sells my information, this got me thinking is it only the storse i viset that are tracking and selling my data HELL NO it is every where i seem to turn

(fig 7)

Facebook  play a huge role in the targeted advertising system and properly one of the largest culprits on the internet which lets marketers target us with ads based on the massive amounts of information we reveal on the site about ourselves. i like to think of Facebook as a sort of online scrapbook of my live by posting everything from basic information about my selve to photos to calendars of events i plan on attending. Facebook already uses some information from its users’ pages in  let advertisers visit a Web site to choose a much wider array of characteristics for the users who should see their ads — based not only on age, gender and location, but also on details such as favorite activities and preferred music, people familiar with the matter say. Facebook would use its technology to point the ads to the selected groups of people. And now my facebook feed seems to be littered with advertisements from my friends unwillingly with   “Sponsored Stories. (fig 7) this allows Advertisers to buy advertisements based on user activity and interaction with that brand’s Facebook page, status updates or other interaction. Those ad buys are Sponsored Stories,

When a Facebook user “likes” a page or a piece of content from a brand that has bought Sponsored Story advertising, that action will be used in a paid Sponsored Story advertisement, seen on the right sidebar of that user’s friends’ pages. Those friends will see that you liked a story or a brand page then be encouraged to visit and like the same page (brand). For example,

(Fig 8)

(fig 8)“Dave likes Coca-Cola , you should too!” for starters why should i care if david likes coca cola the largest drinks company in the world i would be surprised if he didn’t like a product of theres but its that i have to read it on my news feed that really gets me what benefit could this do for anyone

(fig 9)

and now you can see that Jessica “checked in” with her local Starbucks (fig 9) along with a friend, Philip. Now its there for everybody to see, friends of theirs will see this ad from Starbucks on their profiles, under the “Sponsored Story” heading. and everybody who visited the starbucks facebook page This, in addition to the original interaction seen on users’ news feeds.

(fig 10)

“Application Plays” work in a similar way. If a user decides to use a branded application, the action will be broadcast. So, If a user decides to use a branded application, the action will be broadcast. So, if the instagram app  was used to upload a photo,(fig 10) your friends will see it in their news feeds and again as a Sponsored Story advertisement (‘Jessica  used the instagram app to upload a photo’). In addition, any content posted by the brand and then “liked” by a user will show up in the user’s news feed. As well as on their friends’.




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